DieterBennet is a luxury women's fashion label known for its clean lines, minimalist designs and architectural precision. The collection is inspired by the women in their lives, past and present. It is an effortless reflection of their methodical and detailed approach to women's fashion.

DieterBennet is a collaboration between Dieter Kirkwood and Bennett Cousins. The duo met during their studies at Columbia College in Chicago. While Dieter excels in technical savvy, Bennett compliments this with merchandising know-how. Dieter started out studying sculpture; it was through his study of shape and form, inspired by how the body occupies its surroundings, that Dieter translated his creativity into fashion. Bennett worked at Jil Sander for seven years as an associate on the sales floor and, later, as a merchandiser in the Milan showroom alongside Ms. Monika Busch – Jil Sander's right hand.

DieterBennet is minimalist at its core; it isn't flashy or ostentatious; it is about craft, quality and restraint. Every detail is thoroughly thought-out, from collar to hemline. Each cut, dart, and seam has a purpose. The two designers source the fabric themselves. Every garment is sewn locally, often with hand-finished seaming. It is these instances of Old World craftsmanship and care that sets the line apart.